Rahmatullah Arjeni was born on September 8, 1983, in the year one thousand three hundred and fifty times in 1394 Lunar in a religious family in Borujen.

His father was from the local mistress, shopkeeper Kharrazi and his mother, a lady who was very committed to home affairs and education of her children.

He has a brother and five sisters, each of whom has become the centerpiece of their families.

He trained elementary school in Adib's primary school and a course in Farabi and Guidance schools. At the same time, he witnessed the events of the imposed war, and, despite his adolescence, participated in many religious activities. He spent the second year of high school in the field of empirical high school martyrs until he entered the seminary of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) in Borujen city in the academic year of 71-70.

Interview with the Hajjat ​​al-Islam and Muslim Arjiv

 The modeling of the family of the Imams (AS) is the surefire path of happiness

Note: Hojatoleslam Arovhi was born in Borujen, who has been appointed as Director General of Islamic Propagation of Isfahan Province since December of 1394. He has been working for five years as director of the seminary of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) Borujen and director of the Islamic propaganda of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. We draw your attention to our short talk with this 42 year old manager.

1- Please introduce yourself to the audience of the publication.

I was born in the city of Borujen in the year 1353, in the city of Borujen, and in the year 1370, I studied at the Secondary School of Empirical Sciences at the seminary of Imam Mahdi (AS) in Borujen. In the year 1992, a semester (summer) at Imam Sadegh Seminary School of Khorasgan of Isfahan was transferred to a guest and in the years 76 and 77 after passing the level of a field, despite the transfer of my academic record to the seminary of the Holy Qom and due to problems Especially my mother's illness forced me to stay in the city.

At the same time as Eid al-Ghadir in 1377, I found the taleb of the clergy's holy dress, and on the recommendation of the Imam of the Friday prayers and the head of the seminary of the city, I was the primary curator of the training and the master of the courses. After completing the entrance exam in Razavi Islamic University, I continued my studies in the field of philosophy and theology of Islam, and until July of this year, I succeeded in teaching the professors of the Khorasan Razavi Seminary and attending lessons from jurisprudence and principles.

During the period of my education in the city as well as the holy Mashhad, I also routinely carried on the prophetic days and occasions while visiting my home in the bastion of Quranic and propaganda activities. I also say that during my studies in the holy city of Mashhad, as well as being the director of the Department of Philosophy and theology of the Islamic School of Nawab High School, I worked for the time of this center of the Indo-European Indicator.

2. What year did you get married and how did your life begin with your spouse?

In 1376, I got married and our common life, thanks to the Imam of the time (aj), was established with the observance of the traditional pattern of Islamic customs and with the minimum of initial facilities. Allah, since the poor family is a friend and enthusiast to the living standards of life, despite the hardship Existing, our home environment from the beginning is full of spiritual vitality, sincerity and satisfaction from the existing conditions and efforts on the path of excellence and spiritual growth, which I am grateful for from the door of my lord.

3. What happened to the Islamic Propaganda Organization? When and where did your activity come from?

In August 2005, as head of the Islamic Propagation Office of the city of Boroujen Tawfiq, I served in the sanctuary of the Islamic Propaganda Organization; from the beginning of the academic year of 86-85, I was also responsible for managing the school of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) in Borujen from the beginning of the academic year of 86-85. In February 2011, he served as the headmaster and then as the general director of Islamic propaganda in the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. In December of 1395, I was appointed by the head of the Islamic Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran, Hojatoleslam and Mohammad Khamoushi, as Director General of the Islamic Republic of Isfahan.

4. How satisfied are your spouse with your promotional activities? Will you accompany?

Due to being raised in a purely religious family affiliated with the Islamic and religious practices and being among the professors of the Quran classes and Islamic decrees, the wife of my servant has always been a proponent of propaganda and, in many cases, as an adviser and ambassador. And my colleague plays a role in propaganda and religious activities.

5. How many children do you have and what do you do?

The result of our common life is 3 children. Mohammad Hussein is a high school graduate in the field of humanities at the last year and two of his sisters are in high school and the other in preschool age.

6. What do you describe your business to your children?

Ali al-Qaeda The basic definition of a servant's job is naturally formed by the work of the Islamic Republic's holy system in the minds of the children, but I have always tried to adhere to the living standards of labor beyond the duty of duty, the prophetic life requirements and the accountability of the soldier of Vali Asr Explaining and explaining (aj) in practice for them.

7. What methods did you use to persuade your children to behave suspiciously?

The first principle is to persuade the children to behave faithfully, to obey God's commands, and to avoid divine bounty in life. Of course, if the parents are bound to the rules, the unconscious will have the behavior of the believers by parody of the parent's parents. At the age of adolescence and young age, the child's external communication, companionship and intimacy of parents with young and adolescents, providing a platform for self-expression and the question of the question and, consequently, appropriate treatment, adopting the correct method of answering the ambiguities and marking the questions formed In their minds, as well as praying for the good of the parents and resorting to the infallibles' Imams (PBUH) and trusting in God, they have a very effective role in their proper religious education.

8. What is your definition of real life?

In my opinion, in fact, life is the attempt to bring the divine talents into the path of perfection and true transcendence and real happiness, and since the most successful of human history is the fulfillment of this important importance of the divine prophets and the infallible Imams of Salavat, Allah Therefore, the conscious choice of the Islamic lifestyle and the modeling of its behavior in individual and social life is the most reliable and shortest path to achieving happiness and happiness in life.

9. How much do you spend on your family?

Unfortunately, I do not get a score in the discussion of spending time for the family, and given the work responsibilities and the sensitivity of the person in carrying out the affairsHousing is usually less time spent at home and dealing with its affairs, while the spirit of reconciliation, family support and accountability makes it possible to compensate for this default, and thank God for friendship and intimacy among family members, and the difference And there is no major objection. 10- Do you have a difference in your normal life with your children? What do you think is the root cause of the difference between generations? I think the root of the difference between generations is the lack of mutual understanding between parents and children of one another, which is of particular interest to parents and I believe that if the principles of proper Islamic education are followed by parents, Most of these differences will be reduced.11 In view of the cultural outspreads of the enemies, especially in the households, what is your suggestion for proper education of children? I propose that children be properly educated in the context of the cultural adventures of their enemies. Family sector, more family members spending time, especially parents, to strengthen beliefs And religious. The fact that any amount of religious beliefs and beliefs of family members is tighter and more rigorous is as much as the attitude of the family towards the lifestyle of Islam is greater. It is interesting that the sworn enemies of pure Islam are also the most important agenda of their cultural operations Weigh in the beliefs and beliefs of monotheism and acknowledge that if we can undermine the beliefs of an Islamic society, we will easily reach the next goals and objectives.12 What was the best time of your life? The best time of my life so far Education and Life in Holy Mashhad and the Neighborhood Ike was a constable Agha Ali ibn Musa (pbuh) Ast.13-do household chores to your spouse help? I am trying to make contributions to my homework, which unfortunately I do not have much success in doing this job, since I have only a short time at home, except for the closed days. 14. How much do you and your family agree with the space Virtual? You should look at cyberspace in two ways. One is to confront the threats against the Islamic society and the family system, on the other hand, its proper use in the direction of the propagation and dissemination of divine education. With the emergence of cyberspace, a new world is outlined for mankind, and we should also use it best; this does not mean that the use of this technology is absolutely beneficial or, on the contrary, harmful, but also its harm. We want to inform members of our community and family about how to use it, kind of tools and other aspects of it. My son, along with my son, Mohammad Hussein, in addition to Internet activities such as the site and blog, I am presenting on mobile social networks designed and sponsored by the children of Iran.